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"It is a Joy to be Hidden and a Disaster not to be Found" D.W Winnicott.

At first the above quote may seem to make no sense yet I believe it talks to something innate within all of us, a deep truth. Feeling unknown, unseen, hidden sometimes within plain sight can be both painful and comfortable, a clever strategy at one point in time that was found to be effective at taking care of ourselves. Yet just as the child's game of hide and seek goes on there is an ongoing realisation of the disaster in not being found, in being truly known, both to ourselves and others. This disaster can show itself in many ways, anxiety, depression, psychsomatic symptoms, drug abuse, eating disorders, to name but a few. Through the safety of a theraputic relationship we can gently reach those places within,  the places that may be hard to hear, know and understand.

I have worked with adults with a wide range of presenting issues through both short and long term work.

My aim is to meet you with respect and empathy, valuing your uniqueness, individuality and way of being in the world, offering a non-judgemental, safe environment, and a warm, relational theraputic presence. I strive to offer a therapy tailored to your needs and consider confidentiality and trust to be of the upmost importance. You may share personal, difficult thoughts and feelings with me and in doing so can expect that details and your personal identity will remain confidential.

Areas of Specialism

I have a specialist interest in complex long standing issues, anxiety, depression, paranoia and early relational trauma. I have particular experience of working with anxiety, addiction, depression, panic attacks and phobias, low self-esteem, sexual and domestic abuse, childhood trauma, trauma, anger and relational issues, self- harm, suicidal ideation, both within the community and a custodial setting. I have also run therapeutic group work.

Personal Approach

My approach is Integrative drawn from a relational developmental model. Relational psychotherapy is a broad way of understanding human motivation and the process of therapy itself. I integrate object relations theories, psychoanalytic self-psychology and aspects of humanistic psychology, along with somatic experiencing, also thought of as attending to the bodies narrative, the integrating of body awareness. Drawing from a blend of different theories allows me to work with a therapy personal to you and your needs. Working in this way not only allows for understanding of how past experiences shaped you but also for experiencing in the here and now. This also means what may be troubling you now can be seen within the context of your whole life, right back to your earliest relationships and experiences and the meaning these hold for you.
Through the uniqueness of a therapeutic relationship I will be available to you with no preconceptions of you or agenda, only to be in relationship with you and help guide you in your right direction.

Qualifications & Further Training

MSc (Masters of Science) Integrative Psychotherapy from Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute and Staffordshire university. This involved 4 years of in-depth study, clinical work and research. All clinical and research work gaining distinctions. UKCP & BACP accredited.

Postgraduate Diploma In Integrative Psychotherapy - Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute and Staffordshire University.
UKCP & BACP accredited.

Postgraduate Certificate In Integrative Psychotherapy - Sherwood Training Institute and Staffordshire University.
UKCP & BACP accredited.

Further Training Undertaken

Working with complex trauma, PTSD and dissociation- Kathy Steele

Healing the fragmented selves of trauma survivors- Janina Fisher

Shame obsession and habitual worrying- Richard Erskine

Re-decision therapy training- Ian Stewart

TA101 (Transactional Analysis) Workshop - Deborah Blagden.

Beyond symptom; an exploration of addiction, dependency and connection - UKCP.

Child Development Theory and Research in Psychotherapy - Richard Erskine.

The healing power of nature; a trauma informed approach -Joanne Hanrahan.

Working with Boarding School Survivors - Karen Macmillan.

Member of an International Relational Group Process with Richard Erskine.

Affect Confusion, Cumulative Trauma and Attachment Disruptions: Psychotherapy for Borderline Disorders - Richard Erskine.

Member of an International Supervision and Process Group with Richard Erskine.

Professional Affiliations

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute
To find out more about Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute just Click here .

07547 605004 [email protected]

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