Amy Mottram Psychotherapy Psychotherapy & Counselling in Spilsby, Lincolnshire

Integrative Psychotherapist/Counsellor in Spilsby, Lincolnshire. Easily accessible from Boston, Skegness, Horncastle, Louth and surrounding areas.

Psychotherapy & Counselling in Spilsby Lincolnshire, within easy access of Boston, Skegness, Louth, Horncastle and surrounding areas.

''Listen, are you breathing just a little, yet calling it a life?'' - Mary Oliver

Welcome to my website, my name is Amy and I am a practicing Integrative Psychotherapist/Counsellor. I hold a Masters (MSc) degree in Integrative Psychotherapy and am registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.

I am committed to offering therapy in a safe, confidential environment with no judgement, working with you to resolve what it is you are facing with lasting solutions, promoting life enhancement.

People enter counselling or psychotherapy for many reasons; maybe you are aware of the cause of what is bothering you such as traumatic event/s, or maybe the root cause of your distress is unclear, and that is ok, many individuals don't know. Maybe what's concerning you has a long history and nothing seems to help. Are you struggling to make sense of your experiences and who you are? Relationship with yourself and others feel strained? Do words like stuck, lonely, anxious, depressed or sadness fill your thoughts and experiences? Maybe difficulties and challenges feel overwhelming, life empty and unsatisfying, seeking help through counselling and psychotherapy can help to understand and resolve these feelings .

Some reasons individuals seek access to a psychotherapist/counsellor include;
Panic attacks
Relationship issues
Self-esteem issues
Suicidal Ideation.
Bereavement and loss; be that through the loss of a loved one or life transitions.
Psychosomatic Symptoms.

Our emotions cannot be avoided, denied, repressed or ignored for long, if not given a voice they will find other ways to manifest themselves, some described above. Often our bodies may hold this; dis-ease such as asthma, ulcers, fibromyalgia, IBS, autoimmune problems, arthritis, muscle tension and even cancer can be expression of repressed feelings, the bodies way of saying enough is enough. Trauma can be held in the body and may be experienced years after as distressing physiological symptoms. Working with these embodied physiological symptoms can be essential for moving towards health and healing old wounds. Through the security of a therapeutic relationship, making repressed emotions conscious is liberating rather than dreaded, a place where you can be heard, accepted, understood and valued.

The above are just some reasons individuals access psychotherapy, everyone being individual in what they may be facing, no issue is too big or too small, if it is impacting you it is important.

I offer sessions on an open ended basis or for an agreed number, dependent on what you may want to bring to therapy, the complexity of what your facing and the solutions you seek. Psychotherapy does differ to counselling in that it offers the opportunity to address long standing, complex issues, allowing for awareness of feelings and assumptions which shape the way you feel about yourself and others, and may cause negative patterns and repetitions in your life.

Therapy is a place where you can become the artist and creator in your life, where storms can pass, breakdowns can lead to breaking through and wounds can heal. The emotional pain of the past no longer alive and present in the here and now experiencing, and choices.

My private practice is based near Spilsby within easy reach of Boston, Louth, Skegness and Horncastle and surrounding areas.

To make an appointment or for a free initial telephone conversation, please contact me on;

07547 605004 if for any reason I cannot answer please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.
On weekdays I aim to respond within 24 hours.
If you would prefer to write to me please do so via email; [email protected]

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